How to Find a Good Beauty Pageant

  A beauty pageant is a kind of competition that is based mainly on the physical appearance or beauty of its contestants. The ultimate purpose is for public entertainment, in which historical events are acted in the costume of the period. It is also referred to, in many quarters, as a beauty contest - a public celebration in which there is a procession of persons in fine costumes. In beauty contests, the organizers claim to incorporate personality, talent, and answers to judges' questions as criteria for qualification, yet such contests reinforce the idea that women, usually young ones, should be valued primarily for their physical appearance . This however has puts tremendous pressure on women to "be beautiful" by spending time and money on fashion, cosmetics, hair styling and even cosmetic surgery. This pursuit of physical beauty that is prevalent in our societies today has gone a long way to encourage w

Do You Make These 5 Marketing Automation Mistakes?

  Marketing automation has become a vital tool for businesses of every size. It can help you gain and sustain a competitive advantage. Speed up sales results. Plus, enable you to engage more contacts with personalized messages sent at the right time. So you can build good relationships. Yet not each marketing automation system is the same. In fact, very few have all the essential tools in one package of services . If so, that can cause you to integrate system parts from third parties that can cost you time and money, especially when things go wrong down the road. That is why it's vital to first know what a full all-in-one marketing automation system is all about. Marketing automation is a server-based software that integrates different technologies. 4 Automation Technologies Most Vital for Marketing Campaigns First, it includes a CRM that allows you to collect, store and use information about your contacts. To be able to segment your contacts by custom

Beauty That Stands Out

  We always get conscious with the way we look or, in other words, we always want to look good and be beautiful. Whether we want to impress someone or it is simply our character that wants to be presentable, we all have our own reasons. Beauty is attractiveness, a desired appearance people want to have. For that reason, some are even willing to spend much to be beautiful. Is beauty then costly? Well, people have different opinions about everything, but in essence, what is beauty? How can one say one is beautiful? Is beauty a choice that can be worked out for? Beauty in the way we look: Beauty is first cited in the physical appearance of a person. Ladies that have an admirable eyes, nose, lips, and face are just termed beautiful . For beauty that one can see at first glance, that's outside beauty. Who doesn't want to have it? Nowadays, that is given much emphasis. A large bulk of beauty products have been out in the market

You Are Beautiful - Believe In It And Blossom!

  Was asked to write about the word 'Beautiful' for Ethereal Light's Psychic Development Class and felt guided to post my thoughts to Ezine. I have a feeling many need to hear these words. Always know how special and beautiful you are. My virtue for the class was Beautiful and It got me thinking. What is beauty? Is it what you feel? Is it what you do? Does it define a person? In this age we are so concerned with beauty in the sense of the physical . I wonder how many could stand in front of a mirror and see the beauty they possess - they real beauty, beyond the physical and the self-talk of 'I'm fat', 'I'm small', 'I'm thin'. Would they see their unique immortality, that their body is only a finite shell that the real beauty is kept within? Would they see that they are the Creator of their own life - both God and Goddess, perfect, whole and very beautiful in every sense of